BUN- T is an organization which has established its roots to evolve the thought and lifestyle of the needy. The company functions on the determination of a strong entrepreneur who sees well in all and aims to do something for the families of the convicted. Being a prisoner is not easy and being family to a prisoner is a bigger baggage to carry. BUN- T is a chain of restaurant service providing food and drinks at a very feasible rate, making it affordable to all. The worthy part of this food chain is that it offers franchises to the families of the convicted so that they can live with honour. This organization works with a mission to change the perspective of the world and to empower the people who are in need. Bun-T serves authentic, homemade food and drinks, engaging the customers in motherly warmth and making it affordable to all the categories of people. We believe that “Everyone can walk shoulder to shoulder with a man who is clean, but it takes a visionary to lift a man who is dirty, offer him a shoulder by dirtying your own hands”.  BUN-T serves to earn respect for the people who deserve to walk with their heads up.